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Architects and Designers


We offer a free design and specification service of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems for all new build developments.  Through experienced technical expertise and indepth industry knowledge, we find the most cost effective solution to achieve the required building code such as CFSH and BREAM.


Unique flat roof solar package


Together with our award winning partners DF Roofing Ltd, we design, supply and install the perfect -all in one- roof and solar package.  Featured on the Grand Designs TV programs, our green roofs together with solar, include Sedum, Nature and Bio-diverse.


The Advantage


Combining the roofing contract and the solar contract has many advantages.  These include a technically better physical integration between the roofing and the solar, a more cost competitive offer, and importantly no 'grey' areas when it comes to warranties and liabilty.



Our Partners

We have a network of approved and accredited partners to deliver advanced solar and green roof solutions. 


DF Roofing are an award winning flat and green roofing company based in Essex. In 2012, DF Roofing won the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) award for excellence in roofing and have been finalists two years running in the NFRC awards (2012/13).

Contact us


                         Please email and send us your drawings directly to or for enquiries                                please fill in the form below. 




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