Power-Aid Ltd are Approved Project Partners of OffGridBox 

Solar energy

Our goal is to provide Affordable Clean Water and Renewable Energy in Remote Areas of the world using the best technology for this cause. OffGridBox™ is an all-in-one system using solar energy to purify water and distribute energy. OffGridBox™ is a modular and compact unit that provides renewable energy and treated water in off-the-grid areas. Set up in under three hours, OffGridBox™ is transforming communities across the world in developing countries and places recovering from disaster.

How it works

Case Studies

Watch this video to see how an Off Grid Box brings rural communities together, empowering the people with electricity and clean water, and creating business opportunities for women (female empowerment).

Watch this video to see how an Off Grid Box can be delivered to the most remote regions in the world, bringing electricity to communities that have never had it, and clean water to those that need it.

Power-Aid Ltd is a limited company registered in: United Kingdom, Registered Company Number: 11217623. Malawi Africa, Registered External Company Number: 1009871

Official sponsors of NGO Making Friends Malawi - https://www.makingfriendsmalawi.com/

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