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Award Winning - The 2017 Best for the World Honorees

Within "The 2017 Best for the World Honorees" there are 846 Companies Leading the Way to a Shared and Durable Prosperity for All. InspiraFarm was within this list as one of the leading companies, driving change and sustainability.

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InspiraFarms are solar powered pre-cooling and cold rooms, packhouses and automated ripening chambers; client-centered technical support; and affordable asset financing terms that allow agribusinesses to leapfrog barriers to emerging technology and finance and grow sustainably.

They provide agribusinesses and food distributors with sustainable growth solutions that significantly cut energy costs, reduce food losses and come ready to meet the major international food safety certifications, and allow for remote performance monitoring on or off-grid.

What we do

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Cold Storage 

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InspiraFarms cold room solutions range from 30m2 rooms for decentralized operations to large-scale pre-cooling and cold room solutions.

They are solar compatible, inclusive of thermal storage solution to help agribusinesses maximize dynamic electricity pricing, and to avoid or dramatically reduce reliance on diesel generators.

It offers automated, remote monitoring and control with a refrigeration range of 2-14ºC.

Main Features

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Main features:

  • HACCP-compliant facility

  • Sizes range from 30m2 up to 120m2 depending on your need

  • Automatization, remote monitoring and control with a refrigeration range of 2-14ºC

  • Energy-efficient cooling machinery with adjustable temperature & humidity

  • Structures are lightweight, expandable and require minimal preparation

  • Thermal storage provides up to 48-hours of backup power

  • 12 month warranty

  • Financing available (subject to credit assessment)