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Immersa UK and Power-Aid Ltd have an exclusive partnership, covering Africa. 

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Battery storage solutions for commercial and utility scale power and grid resilience

The Power-Aid and Immersa partnership, offers unparalleled technical design and implementation of power storage solutions.

Leading the way in advanced lithium and flow battery technologies, we can deliver battery capacities of up to 5MW and beyond!

The Immersa Approach


The Immersa approach offers key benefits to business and organisations through on-site renewable generation with battery storage. This saves money and makes energy use more sustainable.


Immersa, use unique modelling software to analyse clients energy supply and needs in detail. They provide a tailored energy system, which is competitive, cost-effective, and enhances your business credentials for Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Autarsys is one example of a range of battery storage units

Power-Aid Ltd and Immersa UK offer