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 Our story so far.....

Power-Aid originally started as a consultancy business providing technical advice on solar projects in the UK. Their expertise was soon called upon in Malawi, East Africa, whilst the founders, Brett & Kat Pallister, worked on numerous volunteering projects there. This was when Power-Aid Malawi was born. 

Power-Aid in Malawi has assisted many charities, homes and business gain independence in generating their own sustainable energy and help alleviate big power infrastructure issues there. To date, the Malawi branch continues to provide quality products and solar design throughout East Africa. Power Aid Malawi has committed itself to female empowerment programmes and supporting local tradesman. 

After 4 years in Africa, the founders returned home to UK soil in 2019 to refocus on the UK's transition into clean energy, specialising in Solar Battery Storage at Power-Aid UK.

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